About EFT, ALSO KNOWN AS Tapping

EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, can be an energy modality that is aimed at correcting the energy flow of the body with regards to any specific emotion, where an emotion is any reaction of the mind-body-spirit to any “emotional”, physical, or spiritual trauma. It is utilized by standalone EFT practitioners, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, personal trainers, psychologists, and self-helpers who want to enhance their lives in specific goal-oriented ways, mind, body, and spirit.
Faster EFT Practitioner
EFT is thought to release energy disruptions that block the free flowing energy in the mind-body-spirit, that’s, in the power body. These blockages was previously completely ignored, with a psychologist fr example believing that a childhood event is the reason why the client exhibits unwanted feelings or behaviour, and physiotherapists believing it had been purely that accident which caused the ongoing unrelenting physical pain. Then it had been discovered that what actually seems to happen is that the initial trauma leaves a power imprint in the energy body. Then it is relatively easier and faster to release this energy imprint than years of psychotherapy or physiotherapy alone. And these are just two examples.
A really good EFT practitioner will have no qualms about working as a team with say, a psychologist or physiotherapist for the quickest, safest, & most efficient optimal health of these client. After all, EFT is a complementary modality, complementary to other approaches. With that said, it is often just a case of releasing the energy blocks, and optimal wellbeing is achieved. Every case is different, and that is OK.
An EFT, or Tapping, session involves tapping with the fingertips on special easily-accessible acupressure points, whilst using directed releasing wording.
To try EFT, it is possible to download a free guide or watch a free videos on many an EFT practitioner’s website. You may also investigate local EFT classes or workshops in your area, or dive right in and book a session with a practitioner that you want. Have a read of a few practitioners’ websites, see who you are feeling attracted to, and call them or email them to learn more. Remember, they do not must be local to you, as much work over Skype, a favorite medium for Tapping sessions.
If not for you right now, then at least you understand more about it and will investigate it when needed. If you’re reading this article to help a friend or loved one, remember that they might be keen to try EFT or they may not be ready to move forward as yet. Something new may feel scary, particularly if you have observed it yourself and so are enthusiastic; that can draw out the conservative over-cautious feelings in some people. Give them time, so when they are ready, they are able to ask you for details.