Sweet Delicacies From Delhi Street Shops

Delhi is known for sweet dishes and desserts. Since Delhi is not having its own cuisine, you can find the variety of dishes from all places around the country. Best Restaurants in Delhi offer sweet dishes like Rosogulla, Sondesh, Cham Cham, etc. from West Bengal to Kheer, Maal Pua, Kulfi, etc. from the other parts of India. Sweet dishes from West Bengal are definitely very famous all over the country but sweet dishes from other parts are also liked everywhere. South Indian Rasam or Moong Daal Halwa are also liked by everyone. Rajasthan is famous for the Ghewar, Pinni, etc. You can also find lot of North Indian sweet dishes from Punjab and Haryana in Best Restaurants in Delhi. 레플리카 시계

Not only sweets from within India, you can get the taste of continental desserts like flavored ice creams, sundaes, mocktails, etc. that are not of Indian origin. Best Restaurants in Delhi offer all these international tastes and much more. You don’t need to visit a five star hotel or a big restaurant to taste these delicacies. In Delhi, you can easily find a big variety of sweets in streets and local shopping places.

If we talk about the lower class Delhities, who cannot afford the Best restaurants in Delhi the best place to enjoy the sweets is the small shop counters that can be found on road side almost everywhere around the city. The most famous of all the sweets is Jalebi which is liked by all the classes in Delhi and all over India. Jalebi is a crispy fried maida in ghee dipped in the melted sugar. Whether it is the old bazaars in Chandni Chowk of Old Delhi or modern shopping complexes and shopping malls in South Delhi, you can find mouth watering jalebi everywhere. It’s a sweet dish that joins everybody. From a daily wage labour to a rich business man, everyone Is fond of this taste.